What Are The Best Tips For Safely Swimming When Pregnant? | Safe Pregnancy While Swim

What are the Best Tips for Safely SwimmingWhen Pregnant? Swimming when pregnant can be a very safeand effective form of exercise.

Generally, pregnant women should be able toswim well into the third trimester, although they may need to modify their routines towardthe very end of the pregnancy.

It is important to rest if fatigue sets inor cramps are experienced, and to stay hydrated by drinking water, because exercise, evenin a pool, can contribute to dehydration.

People who want to exercise during pregnancymay want to consider swimming when pregnant to stay fit, develop cardiovascular strength,and relieve stress.

Unlike many forms of exercise, swimming isgentle on the joints and will not exacerbate joint pain and swelling.

Women swimming when pregnant may want to workwith a swim instructor to develop a safe swim routine.

Generally, all swimming moves are safe, althoughdiving should be avoided, and women may have trouble later in pregnancy with moves requiringan arched back or powerful explosions of muscular energy.

In addition to swimming, women can also liftweights in the pool and perform stretches.

One important safety precaution for swimmingwhen pregnant is to always warm up first.

Women should ease into the pool and do somegentle stretches to open up their muscles and get comfortable in the water.

Gentle laps can help women get ready for morevigorous aquatic exercise.

After a pool workout, it's also necessaryto cool down to prevent muscle soreness and tension.

After swimming, women should not enter a sauna,steam room, or hot tub, even if they are accustomed to doing so after a workout.

Research suggests that hot environments canbe potentially harmful for a pregnancy.

If women are concerned about chills afterswimming when pregnant, a thick insulating robe can be kept by the pool to warm up withafter getting out of the water.

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