Top 4 Best Pregnancy Apps ?

[Speaking] Okay, I wanted to do a video and talk about 4 of my favoritepregnancy apps.

when I was pregnant, I downloaded a lot of baby apps.

There were 4 in particular that I really loved and I left on my phone.

1 was What To Expect.

I love their app.

2 – The Bump.

Number 3, is Hello Baby by Pampers.

And 4, is Cinemama by March of Dimes.

All 4 of those apps are really nice.

I'll try to put the links in my descriptionbox below, but those apps are really nice, especially the Pampers one, because it shows how your baby is developingthroughout the whole pregnancy.

and so it's really cool to see what's going on in your womb.

also, I still use The Bump and What To Expect, because they.

You can put in your child'sbirthday and they'll still update you week by week on what you should be doing as a new mom, how the baby's developing, what things you might notice week byweek.

so it's really nice.

both of those apps are really nice as well as Cinemama and Hello Baby.

Cinemama is cool, because I know you've seen people takingbaby bump pictures.

Cinemama allows you to take pictures of your baby bump to show your growing belly and at the end, you can put all the picturestogether and create a movie.

so it's really cool.

anyways, so shout out to What To Expect, shout out to Pampers, March of Dimes and The Bump.

Shout out to all of those, because those are really good apps.

Source: Youtube