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Today we're gonna be talking about my top 10 pregnancy must-have items.

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(cheering) – My first must-have item isdefinitely a water bottle.

You need to stay hydrated, andespecially during pregnancy.

And I love this waterbottle, this is from Thermos, and I've had this bad boy for a few years.

I think through all mypregnancies I had this.

The next thing that you want for pregnancy is a good body butter,or a good body lotion.

I just got this lotionactually from Michelle, who's also in Millennial Moms, and it is a coconut and lemon lotion.

And I really like this because it's thin, it's not a thick consistency, but it really soaks into your skin.

You definitely want a goodnursing or maternity bra.

Now something like thisBravado bra is perfect for pregnancy because you canwear it when you're pregnant and then you can alsowear it as a nursing bra once the baby gets here.

This is the Bravado bodysilk seamless nursing bra.

It's super comfortable.

Now this is like the tshirt bra of nursing bras.

A pair of comfy pants are a must-have for every pregnant woman.

I just have these pair of grey sweatpants.

These are from the brand Fabletics.

I like these because they're form-fitting, so they're really flattering on, but they're super, super comfy.

My next must-have is a big pillow.

Now you can opt to get amaternity or pregnancy pillow.

I just always got a big body pillow.

And I just feel like itmakes such a huge difference.

Just having a nice bigpillow to make sleep, when you do get to sleep, a little bit more enjoyable andcomfortable definitely helps Next is a pregnancy app.

Now this is something Ifeel like is super fun about being pregnant in the 21st century, because there are so manyreally cool apps available that can give you somesuper cool information about both the baby growing in your belly, and then also your body as it's pregnant.

Next is a good prenatal vitamin.

Now I really like theseRainbow Light Prenatals.

These are raw, they're made with organicfruits and vegetables, so if you're into that kindof thing these are great.

There's gummy vitamins, there are ones that you can get from a drugstore, ones that you can get fromlike your health food store.

But definitely you wannaget a good prenatal when you're pregnant.

Next is a journal.

Now I journalled throughoutall of my pregnancies with my babies.

Definitely my first, I journalled like every minute of every day, and then my second I wasa little bit less often.

And then my third, I think I wrote like, I'm pregnant, I had the baby.

No I'm just kidding.

Coming off of nutrition, you wanna be able to have accessible,easy, but healthy snacks.

I love the Clif Bars.

Now they df do have sugar in them because they are sweeter,but they're healthy.

They've got protein, and it's just a reallynice, quick and easy snack, if you're on the go.

Do you guys have any go-to snacks that you loved a lotwhen you were pregnant? Comment down below and share them so we can all get some ideas.

The last pregnancy must-have is support.

You wanna be able to havesome kind of support, some kind of tribe,people that you can go to for questions or advice,or just solidarity during your pregnancy.

Getting that support is so, so important.

Not only during your pregnancy, but also to have thatsupport once the baby's here, and you're kind of embarkingon that journey of motherhood.

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