Third Trimester Pregnancy Exercises | Secret Push Ups | Secret Saviours


I’m Natasha and this is our third trimestermodel Natasha and we’re going to show you Secret PushUps.

This is quite a hard exercise but it’s sogood because it’s working your arms, it’s working your core muscles and it’sreally helping loosen up your chest.

So, Natasha, I’m going to get you to comeon to the corner of the couch here.

I want your hands a wide shoulder width andI want you to make sure the weight of your shoulders is right overyour hands.

Now, step back in to Plank for me.

Natasha is in such a nice straight line fromher head to her heels.

And I just want you to bend your elbows andbring your chest all the way down to the sofa and pushing it up again.

That’s absolutely fantastic.

I just want you to really think about pullingyour belly in to your spine, because that’s where you’re getting allthat great core work in.

Now, if you wanted to make this harder andreally challenge your balance, you could lift your foot up.


And coming up again.

If you canjust do me one more of those.

But if this is quite hard, it’s quite achallenging exercise, you could make it easier by using a highersurface.

So you could use a surface in your kitchen,you could use the sink, or you could use the top of your couch here.

And that makes it easier.

But that’s a really good exercise that’sworking your whole body, that you could do anywhere and it’s not putting any strain on yourskin.

Source: Youtube