Third Trimester Pregnancy Exercises | Secret Four Point Kneeling | Secret Saviours


I’m Natasha and this is Ebony and she’sin her third trimester and we’re going to show you some SecretFour Point Kneeling.

This exercise is fantastic for strengtheningyour pelvic floor and your lower abdominal muscles.


So, Ebony, if you can get in to all foursfor me.

And I want your knees and feet about hip widthapart and your hands directly underneath your shoulders.

So, before you go anywhere, I want you toreally pull your belly button up into your spine and so youshould feel like you’re a really straight line from yourshoulders to your hips.

Now, I want you to make sure you keep breathing– that’s really important – and then liftup this leg for me.

So I want you to have one leg really straightbehind you and what I’m looking for is that your hipsare really square because that’s making you really squeezeyour bottom muscle that’s really helping strengthen your pelvicfloor and your lower abdominal muscles.

And then, Ebony, if you can, straighten youropposite arm to your leg and then you should feel like you’re a reallynice stretched diagonal line from your hand and to your foot.

If you couldjust lift your leg up a little bit and I’m just going to squareoff your shoulders.

You’d need to hold this for about 10 to15 seconds, really thinking about pulling your belly buttonin to your spine and just keep breathing.

It’s really important that you’re breathinginto your bump as you’re controlling those core musclesas you’re pulling in.


Ebony, if you want to switch overto the other side for me.

So, get really square before you do the otherside and then lift up one leg, thinking about those hips not tilting andthen lift up your opposite arm and feel that really nice lengthening fromyour hand to your toe.

And if you could just lift that hand up alittle bit this time.

That’s a perfect line and diagonal here.

And then you’ve just got to think about your breathing and pulling that belly buttonin to your spine.

This is a fantastic exercise that’s reallyeffective on working those core muscles you’re going to need for giving birth andyour pelvic floor muscles and it’s not putting any strain on yourskin.

Source: Youtube