Third Trimester Pregnancy Exercises | Secret Chair Squats | Secret Saviours


I’m Natasha and this is our lovely modelNatasha who’s in her third trimester and we’re going to show you how to do someSecret Chair Squats.

So, I want you to come and sit right on theedge of your chair and really think about pulling your tummyin and sitting up really nice and tall.

Now, your legs are perfect – your knees areright in line with your toes and they should be about hip width apart.

Now, I want you to take your hands completelyout of the picture and put them on your shoulders and I justwant you to come and stand up.

Now this is the bit: I want you just to sitback down again.

Be quite brave – no one’s moved the chair – and just useyour bottom and sit back down.

That’s fantastic.

And come back up again.

So, Natasha’s timing’s absolutely perfect– she’s really nice and smooth, she’s controlling going up and down.

And this exercise is working all of your legs,it’s working your bottom and it’s working your tummy and you reallycan do it anywhere on any chair.

Source: Youtube