Third Trimester Pregnancy Exercises | Secret Cats And Saviour Cats | Secret Saviours


I’m Natasha and this is our third trimestermodel Ebony and we’re going to show you some SecretCats And Saviour Cows.

This exercise is fantastic for your pelvicfloor, your core muscles and if you’re sufferingfrom lower back pain, it’s fantastic for easing that, becauseit’s loosening up your lower spine.

So, Ebony, I want you to get on to all foursfor me.

That’s lovely.

And I want you to think abouthaving your legs hip width apart and your hands directly underneathyour shoulders.

So, I want you to start breathing in and Iwant you to pull your belly button right up into your spine and it’s almostlike your bump’s disappearing, that it completely disappears.

That’s where you’re getting that realstrength in your core muscles.

And then, as you breathe out, Ebony, I wantyou to push down and really see how much of an arch you canget in your lower back and just let that bump really relax out.

And Ebony’s head’s looking up, which isfantastic.

If you can do that again for me.


So dropping your head down, you getthat fantastic rainbow shape and that baby bump almost disappears as youcome up and then as you breathe out, you’re lookingup.

Now, this is a really good one, because youcan get lots of lower back pain when you’re pregnant just as that weight’spulling forward on your spine.

So this is a really fantastic one for stretchingout all of those vertebrae here to stop you from getting lower back pain.

And also, if you think about squeezing your bottom as you come up – justone more, Ebony – it’s also working all of your pelvic floorand those lower ab exercises, which you’re really going to need as you’regiving birth.

Source: Youtube