Third Trimester Pregnancy Exercises | Secret Calf Raises | Secret Saviours


I’m Natasha and this is our model Natashawho’s in her third trimester and we’re going to show you some SaviourCalf Raises.

Now, these exercises are saviours becausethey feel fantastic on your neck and shoulders and are really good for strengthening yourback, because your chest can get really tight the more pregnant you can get, because everythingpulls you forward with the weight of your boobs getting heavier.

And this exercise should feel fantastic asit loosens up all of that shoulder joint.

So, Natasha, I want you to bring your armsstraight up forward here, then bring them straight to the side and thensqueeze everything together at the back.

So, if you can do that again for me.

Bringyour arms straight up the front, just thinking about keeping your shouldersdown and come wide to the side for me and squeeze your hands at the back.

Now, if you can just turn around for me anddo the exercise one more time.

The whole point of this exercise is it’sall about strengthening the posterior deltoid muscle.

So, if you can hold it there, it should feellike you could squeeze someone’s finger between your shoulder blades.

That’s fantastic.

Do it one more time.

And you can really feel those muscles workinghere and they’re your posture muscles that getreally stretched out in pregnancy.

Good! And come and turn back.

Now, just to make it a little bit more complicatedand so you’re using your legs and your core muscles as well, Iwant you to add on a Calf Raise.

So, this time, I want you to come up on toyour toes as your arms come up, stretch to the side and then squeeze yourshoulders to the back.

So, Natasha, you show me.

You’re coming up to the side and arms cometo the side and squeezing your shoulders together as youcome up and you keep going.

So, as you balance, this is really workingyour core muscles and all those muscles that you need for deliveringyour baby and giving birth.

Now, as if this isn’t hard enough, if youwanted to make this a little bit harder, you could have water bottles – keep themnice and parallel for me – and you could do this exercise using waterbottles, as Natasha’s demonstrating now.

It just adds a bit more weight to the exercise,challenges your balance a little bit more and so you’re just getting a bit more ofa workout but without damaging your skin.

Source: Youtube