Third Trimester Pregnancy Exercises | Posture Saviours | Secret Saviours


I’m Natasha and our third trimestermodel here is Ebony.

We’re going to do one of my favourite exercises.

These are Posture Saviours and they’re allabout working your back muscles, which might notseem that important in pregnancy but as your boobsget bigger and the weight starts pulling forward, itcan really give you bad back ache, a tight neck and tight shoulders.

Then, going through your pregnancy, as youstart breastfeeding and holding your baby, it’s just more andmore weight pulling forwards.

So it’s really importantto have a strong back and this exercise is fantastic for that.

And I’ve just added in a little twist toturn it into a core exercise, so you’re getting those tummies really working and your bottom at the same time.

So, just to start with, I want you to putyour hands straight out to the side and then twist your hands to theback and twist them back.

Go on then, Ebony.

That’s lovely.

I want you to think about keeping your shouldersquite down, so you’re a really straight line and I reallywant you to feel that really nice lengthening across your chest, because that’s where it gets really tight.

Then, as you do the exercises, Ebony’s armsare really far back and she’s really using those back musclesthere.

Now, does that feel quite easy? Ok.

So, if you wanted to make this a bit harder, you don’t have to.

This is working fantasticallyfine just as it is.

You could add on some waterbottles.

You don’t really want to be adding on heavyweights.

This is a really small muscle at the back.

And so even with water bottles or cans ofbeans in your cupboard, you can really feel the difference.

So, Ebony, lift this one up just a littlebit.

That’s perfect.

So, you’re really trying to feel that straightline across your shoulders.

Now, to turn this into a tummy exercise, justcome and lift one leg up.

So, keep doing the same thing and lift oneleg up.

Now, by lifting one leg up, it’s reallymaking you pull your tummy in.

Ebony’s not wobbling at all here, whichmeans your core’s fantastically strong.

You’re doing really well.

Just keep thosearms up a little bit.

And so this has become a total great fullbody exercise where you’re working your tummy, your legsand your back muscles and it’s not putting any strain on yourskin.

Source: Youtube