The Importance of Pregnancy Fitness | Kaiser Permanente

(lighthearted instrumental music) >>Stella Dantas, MD OB/GYN- So when get to aboutthree weeks of pregnancy, your energy level goes down a little bit, but it's important to stay active.

>>Ebony, Nine Weeks Pregnant- Before I got pregnant, Ihad kind of let my exercise routine lull a little bit,but now that I am pregnant, I've started walking on theweekends, in the morning, and I'm participating in yoga classes.

>>Danielle, 28 Weeks Pregnant- Even though pregnancytreats me quite well, it is a workload on your cardiac health, and I'm not used to being winded going up just a flight of stairs.

Jason & Megan, Expectant Parents- This pregnancy I'vetried to do everything I could to make sure my pregnancy was healthy and I felt good.

I did go to the gymthrough the first, like, six months of pregnancy,and then after that we have just, have been walkingbecause it's been nice out.

>>Stella Dantas, MD OB/GYN- Staying active will really help your delivery process go a lot smoother.

So, going on walks everyday, getting on an ellipticalmachine or a treadmill 30 minutes a day, fourto five times a week is something you cando to help stay active.

>>Fonda Mitchell, MD OB/GYN- As you get farther and farther along, you may notice that it becomes a little bit harder to maintain posture.

>>Stella Dantas, MD OB/GYN- But whatever your bodywas conditioned to do before pregnancy, you cando during the pregnancy.

Of course, if you were doing kickboxing, or you were an avidskier, you may not want to do that when you hityour second trimester because those are thingsyou can't control, but for the most part you can do whatever exercise you enjoyed before pregnancy.

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