Top 4 Best Pregnancy Apps ?

[Speaking] Okay, I wanted to do a video and talk about 4 of my favoritepregnancy apps. when I was pregnant, I downloaded a lot of baby apps. There were 4 in particular that I really loved and I left on my phone. 1 was What To Expect. I love their app. 2 – The Bump. […]

Top 10 Pregnancy Must Haves! | Jaimie from Millennial Moms

– Welcome back to Millennial Moms. Today we're gonna be talking about my top 10 pregnancy must-have items. (Pleasant guitar music) (kissing sound) – Welcome back guys, my name is Jaimie. If you're new, I upload toMillennial Moms every Monday, so don't forget to subscribe down below. And if you like videos like this, be […]