How To Treat Allergies During Pregnancy

In this video, we're gonna talk about howto treat allergies while pregnant. Comparing my experiences from my first pregnancyto my fourth are. they don't even compare. Because I made so many nutritional changesbetween that time with my first and my last, it. the allergy experience is totally different. Pretty much not even there with my […]

Healthy Pregnancy Tips – Do’s and Don’t During Pregnancy

Welcome to Health Care Buddy Youtube ChannelBeing Pregnant is very special moment for a woman. For delivering healthy and happy baby hereare the TIPS TO FOLLOW FOR A HEALTHY PREGNANCY Never forget breakfastNever ever forget breakfast during pregnancy. Try to avoid ready-to-eat or cooked breakfastwith fruit. Fortified cereals have added nutrients, likecalcium. Eat healthy and […]

Traveling During Pregnancy | Kaiser Permanente

(lighthearted instrumental music) >>Rachel Walker, MD OB/GYN- For most women, flying andtraveling during pregnancy is perfectly safe, up throughthe later parts of the third trimester, 34, 35 weeks. >>Steven Samawi, MD OB/GYN- Some of the concerns we haveabout travel and pregnancy include going into labor,especially in the late third trimester, andaway from your delivering hospital […]