Third Trimester Pregnancy Exercises | Secret Cats And Saviour Cats | Secret Saviours

Hi. I’m Natasha and this is our third trimestermodel Ebony and we’re going to show you some SecretCats And Saviour Cows. This exercise is fantastic for your pelvicfloor, your core muscles and if you’re sufferingfrom lower back pain, it’s fantastic for easing that, becauseit’s loosening up your lower spine. So, Ebony, I want you to […]

Healthy Pregnancy Tips – Do’s and Don’t During Pregnancy

Welcome to Health Care Buddy Youtube ChannelBeing Pregnant is very special moment for a woman. For delivering healthy and happy baby hereare the TIPS TO FOLLOW FOR A HEALTHY PREGNANCY Never forget breakfastNever ever forget breakfast during pregnancy. Try to avoid ready-to-eat or cooked breakfastwith fruit. Fortified cereals have added nutrients, likecalcium. Eat healthy and […]

Having a Healthy and Safe Pregnancy | Kaiser Permanente

(upbeat music) >>Fonda Mitchell, MD OB/GYN- The most critical aspect of a pregnancy is within that first 13 weeks. So that's when the fetus is developing. What we would recommend to you is to avoid chemicals,medications, dietary supplements that could be potentiallyharmful during that aspect. >>Stella Dantas, MD OB/GYN- As far as caffeine goes in […]