Second Trimester Pregnancy Exercises | Secret Wide Squats | Secret Saviours


I’m Natasha and this is our lovely Emily and she’s in her second trimester.

We’re going to show you some Secret WideSquats.

So, I want you to give me a nice wide positionwith your feet – about double hip width apart – and turn your heels out, so they’re about2 o’clock and 10 o’clock.

Now, before you go anywhere, I want you tothink about your posture.

You’re pulling your tummy in, your back’snice and straight.

I just want you to bend down now in to yourknees and come back up to standing.

Now, just take a minute and think about yourknees.

Are they going straight over your middle toe? Emily, that’s perfect.

And then just think about slightly tuckingyour hips under and squeezing your inside thigh muscles asyou come up.

And you can also think about pulling up yourpelvic floor as you come up, because you’re really goingto need that for delivering your baby.

Now, once you’ve done about 10 of those,I would like you to just hold it down at the bottom for me.

Thisis where you’re going to get that real workout on your legs.

I just want you to lift up your heels and put them back down again and try and keepyour legs really still.

Emily, you’re doing fantastically.

And that’s where you’re really workingyour balance and your core muscles and getting a greatleg workout.

Source: Youtube