Second Trimester Pregnancy Exercises | Secret Overhead Squats | Secret Saviours


I’m Natasha and this is Emily and she’s in her second trimester.

We’re going to show you how to do some SecretOverhead Squats.

So, Emily, if you can put your hands straightabove your head for me.

That’s lovely.

Think about keeping yourshoulders down.

This is already a fantastic workout for yourback.

Now, just give me a squat taking your bottomstraight backwards and keeping your weight in your heels – that’s really nice – and coming back upagain.

I really want you to think about really usingyour bottom muscles to stick backwards and then come up to standing.

So, if you really think about squeezing yourbottom on the way up, then you’re getting a great bum and legworkout.

Then just have a quick look and make sureyour knees are in line with your toes as you come downand up.

That’s lovely.

So, Emily’s knees wantto knock in, so you’re just going to have to be reallycareful about keeping them wide.

This is a total body workout that doesn’tneed any equipment whatsoever and it’s not putting any strain on yourskin.

Source: Youtube