Second Trimester Pregnancy Exercises | Plank Tap Out | Secret Saviours


I’m Natasha and our lovely model isEmily and she’s in her second trimester.

She’s going to show you a Plank Tap Out.

So, if you can come in to a Plank positionfor me.

I want your elbows right underneath your shoulders– if they’re too far forwards, it can reallystrain your neck.

I want you to really think about pulling your belly button in to your spine so that you’re engaging your core and step back in to a Plank for me.

Now, in the Plank, what I’m looking for is a perfect straight line.

You couldn’t be better, Emily.

It’s gorgeous.

Now, if you want to make this harder, come and tap one foot to the edge of the mat and put it back here, and then the other side.

This is really working all of your core muscles.

You’ll have to try and keep your bottomdown.

But this is a fantastic exercise – Emily, you can stop there – that’s using all of your core and you can do it anywhere.

Source: Youtube