Pregnancy Skin Care Routine

being pregnant not only is your body goingthrough a lot of changes but your skin just goes haywire so today I wanted to share with you mypregnancy skincare routine and what i do to kind of help the outbreaks and theredness in a safe way while you're pregnant hey guys welcome back into my home myname is trena if you are new here make sure you go ahead and subscribe tothis channel by hitting the red button right here by subscribing you'll benotified every time I upload a new video i post weekly and I post videos for momsnew moms women who just want a place to be free and not be judged or criticizedfor how they decide to live their lives also if you want to follow me on socialmedia to see more behind-the-scenes make sure you go ahead and check me out onthese platforms right here so let's just jump right into my pregnancy skincareroutine so we know when you're pregnant you got to be really careful about theproducts that you're using because it depends on how harsh of products youwere using before you're pregnant that could really you know get into your skinand affect your baby so I'm a mom toddler and in the morning if you'realso home to a taller you know we don't have a lot of time so one of the thingsi will do for my skincare routine morning it's basically just grab one ofthese simple face cleansing wipes and just basically wipe my face off it's usually not dirty i watched thenight before and it's just the oils from sleeping or i will also use this simplecleansing micellar water and put it on like one of those hot ball type thingsand wipe my face off with that as far as makeup for the day if I'm just going tobe around the house or running quick errand to like the grocery store i willuse this cool face tinted moisturizer and i really love it because it's spf20and it's just really light if you have a lot of imperfections it's obviously notgoing to cover that but it's completely organic and safe to use while you'repregnant and had to cover those bags under your eyes as you get with ateething toddler i like to use this Maybelline under-eye concealer and itreally brightens up my undereyes if doing a more full-face makeup likeyou're going out for date night or meeting some girls out or you just liketo wear a full face of makeup one of the best brands i found to use is tart this is my favorite foundation that iuse its the tarte amazonian clay full coverage foundation and it's greatbecause it doesn't have the parabens in it and i really enjoyed using it whileI'm pregnant one of the moisturizers that I've really enjoyed using that Ijust started recently well as pregnant is this cerave moisturizing lotion and ilove it because it's a huge bottle my husband and I both use it and i'll useit in the morning or at night you know whenever my face is feeling kind of dryand it's just a great option is fragrance free lightweight andnon-irritating so i really enjoyed this option also as far as nighttime when itcomes to wiping off all the grime from the day one of the favorite productsi've been using is a sarah be hydrated hydrating cleansing bar and it came as asample with the cerave moisturizer so i thought i'd tried out a couple weeks agoand i love it it's really seem to be light on my face no irritation my face is really clearedup in the first trimester I had a lot of breakout on discoloration a lot ofredness but now the second trimester could also do to the hormone changing inthe second trimester but my face is really clear up and I really enjoy theresults that I've gotten from this cleansing bar so I really enjoy puttinga face mask on at night when you're pregnant it can be kind of tough to finda face mask that safe for you but this first aid Beauty oatmeal mask has beenamazing i love it because it really does a great job of pulling out that rednessand irritated skin from breakouts and it's safe its fragrance free is a greatoption for a mask when you're pregnant you're seeing can also get pretty drywhen you're pregnant it really just depends how your pregnancy is going toreact to your body and all the fun stuff that goes on but a great moisturizingmask that I like to use is this origins drink up intense overnight mass this green bottle it was to all I needsome more but it's a mask that you put on is basically a moisturizer put it onat night and you let it soak into your skin all night and it's amazing it's oneof my favorites along with that overnight moisturizing mask from originsi'll also alternate between this boots botanics night cream and I love bootsbecause it is especially the boots botanics because it is completelyplant-based organic amazing for your skin and i will rotate between theorigins this it's actually the replenishing night cream age defense andthe boots facial oil and it's a hundred percent organic so these products areamazing i actually have a giveaway coming up with a bunch of boots productsso make sure you stay tuned to the end so as far as the rest of your skin youreally need to moisturize that because your body is stretching and growing andyour skin is growing this is really important to keep itmoisturized during this time so my go-to staple is definitely the coconut oilfrom trader joe's i have this whole drawer just in my bathroom that I willpretty much put all over my body my boobs because they're just like giantright now my belly my butt because that's definitely growing right now andit just helps to moisturize that skin since it's stretching so much andanother product that i like to use is this l'occitane shea butter and I don't usethis a lot because it's more expensive way more expensive than the coconut oilbut it is so moisturizing if you just really need a deep intense moisturizerat night a night or two this one is great to put on i also use it on my lipsat night really it really hydrates your dry lipsand that's basically my skincare routine i'm just really cautious on whatproducts i'm putting on and make sure there's no parabens on it and it's justa safe option so now onto the giveaway right so I have a lot of fun bootsbotanics tough for you guys to win so all the rules to enter will be down in the descriptionbox is going to be an automated generator so everybody gets a fairchance it's random and just get your name in there are multiple ways to getyour name in there for the entry for the prize and it is only for us residents somaybe for the next 1i will do international but this one right now isfor us only so the first two things i have ourtoners for your face from boots botanicals this boot spec you savebotanicals its boots botanics so this one is a cleansing toner Albright and itcleanses impurities and freshens for all skin types and then this one is amattifying toner to help you get rid of shine so it clarifies and absorbs excessoil for oily and combination skin I've used both of these products are reallygreat i'm not using them right now because I am pregnant and toners can bea little bit harsh on your skin to kind of steer away from toners while I'mpregnant but I've used these before I just put on like a little cotton swabjust a cleanse my face off in the morning and at night and they're greatnext for the winter i have this age defense protecting day cream and it'salso an SPF 15 again this is I've used this also all these products I've usedit's really great that says boost radiance protects and reduces theappearance of fine lines and wrinkles within four weeks and then you also willget this super serum age defense and in whose luminosity in two weeks reducesthe appearance of fine lines and wrinkles so these two products arereally great together at night so when you're doing your nighttime routine putthis moisturizer on your face and then push this aid serum i focus just likearound my crow's feet and maybe on your forehead i don't use it all over my facebut you can if you want to and then I'm not quite a few lip products for youthere's to be tinted lip balm there's one in the color sheerpomegranate which I've you i have my own of this and I've used it up because ilove it it's a little bit darker of a red and it's going to be great for fall and then this shear toffee which is agreat nude next is two lipsticks and i love these lipsticks because look howcute these are these little shiny packaging and there's two colors herethere's a chestnut which is a darker red again sort of like the pomegranate andit's going to be great for fall as well and then the peach which is a reallygreat pinky tone it's more again of a pink then of a peach and it's reallyjust a great natural lip color so that everything your going to win thisgiveaway the only rule is that you are subscribedto my channel so go down to the link in the description box to enter to win andagain there are different ways that you can get your name into this drawing acouple times let me know if you're pregnant what are some of your favoriteskincare products what do you use you know it's your Holy Grail skincareproduct while you're pregnant let me know down in the comments belowand as always guys thanks for watching.

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