Healthy Pregnancy Tips – Do’s and Don’t During Pregnancy

Welcome to Health Care Buddy Youtube ChannelBeing Pregnant is very special moment for a woman.

For delivering healthy and happy baby hereare the TIPS TO FOLLOW FOR A HEALTHY PREGNANCY Never forget breakfastNever ever forget breakfast during pregnancy.

Try to avoid ready-to-eat or cooked breakfastwith fruit.

Fortified cereals have added nutrients, likecalcium.

Eat healthy and nutritious breakfast duringpregnancy.

And if in case you are feeling sick, startwith whole wheat toast followed by more food later in the morning.

Eat foods with fiberAlways eat food that is rich in fiber.

go for vegetables and fruits, like melon,cooked greens, bananas, and carrots.

Eat plenty of beans and whole grains.

Try brown rice or oatmeal.

A high fiber diet will help you establisha more comfortable regularity and wellbeing during pregnancy.

Choose healthy snacksEven though you don’t need to eat for two, you might find that you get hungry more oftennow that you are pregnant.

Make most of these hunger pangs by eatingnutrient-packed healthy snacks.

Eat Low-fat or fat-free yogurt with fruitand whole grain crackers with fat-free or low-fat cheese to fulfil your hunger.

Take A Prenatal Vitamin with Iron and FolicAcid Every Day.

Don’t forget to take prenatal vitamin withiron and folic acid every day.

Iron helps in keeping your blood healthy andfolic acid helps in preventing birth defects.

Limit caffeine and avoid alcohol.

Caffeine increase blood pressure and heartrate, both of which are not recommended during pregnancy.

It also increases the frequency of urinationwhich causes reduction in your body fluid levels and can lead to dehydration.

Drink decaffeinated coffee or tea.

Go for water or seltzer instead of soda.

And avoid drinking alcohol.

Get Adequate SleepSleeping on time is very important during pregnancy.

At least eight hours a sleep at night is necessary.

Go for naps during a day if you’re sufferingfrom sleep disturbances and see your physician for advice.

ExerciseStaying active is must for most moms to be.

Regular exercise will help you improve circulationcontrol your weight, boost your mood and help you sleep better.

Get Enough FluidGet enough nourishing fluids, like water, is important during pregnancy as it helpsin preventing constipation and provides for the expanding blood volume that carries nutrientsand oxygen to the mother and the baby.

Stop SmokingSmoking increases the risk of placental abruption, premature delivery, miscarriage, and growthproblems.

Don’t Skip MealsNever skip your meals or be without food for more than two to three hours.

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Myself Rubina welcomes you to this fresh episode of F3 Healthy Life.

Today I have come with the topic of " How to Prevent Unwanted Pregnancy".

Yes, there are major possibilities that even after using major precautions, pregnancy retains.

Either because of product error or human error.

But thank god, there are such home remedies That if we use them, we can prevent our unwanted pregnancy.

So, today I am going to tell you some home remedies related to this.

Let's move on to our effective home remedies.

Our first home remedy is Parsely (Ajmoda) Its very easily available , its an Ayurveda herb.

Which naturally prevent our unwanted pregnancy.

The best way to use parsley is to make its herbal tea take a bunch of parsely and boil it in 2 cup water add tea powder and prepare its tea With its 2 times consumption in a day, you can prevent your unwanted pregnancy.

Our next home remedy is Cotton Plant Root Its such a effective home remedy.

It release the Oxytocin to hormones due to which a female get pregnant.

First of all dry the cotton plant root Cut it into pieces and take a handful of this and boil it in 2 cup water.

Once its reduces to its half then consume this water With its 2 times consumption in morning & evening , you can prevent your unwanted pregnancy.

Our next home remedy is Angelica.

Which is an effective ayurveda herb.

It stimulates our uterine contractions.

From your last 2 sexual intercourse to another 2 weeks you have to consume it regularly.

Once in a day take 1 tsp Angelica with water And you can prevent your unwanted pregnancy.

Our next home remedy is Indian Worm Wood Its an ayurveda herb which looks like as similar to parsely.

First of all dry the Indian Worm Wood Once in a day take 1 tsp Indian Worm Wood with water for continuous 7 days.

From the last day of your intercourse to another 1 week.

Our last home remedy is Spearmint.

Its an ayurveda herb which is famous still ancient time to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

Put 1 pinch spearmint in your tea and drink the tea.

As its really easy to have.

Make sure you consult your doctor once before consuming spearmint.

So, these were my easy and effective home remedies.

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Take care of health of yourself and your loved ones I will be back again with such effective remedies.

Till then take care.

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What Are The Best Tips For Safely Swimming When Pregnant? | Safe Pregnancy While Swim

What are the Best Tips for Safely SwimmingWhen Pregnant? Swimming when pregnant can be a very safeand effective form of exercise.

Generally, pregnant women should be able toswim well into the third trimester, although they may need to modify their routines towardthe very end of the pregnancy.

It is important to rest if fatigue sets inor cramps are experienced, and to stay hydrated by drinking water, because exercise, evenin a pool, can contribute to dehydration.

People who want to exercise during pregnancymay want to consider swimming when pregnant to stay fit, develop cardiovascular strength,and relieve stress.

Unlike many forms of exercise, swimming isgentle on the joints and will not exacerbate joint pain and swelling.

Women swimming when pregnant may want to workwith a swim instructor to develop a safe swim routine.

Generally, all swimming moves are safe, althoughdiving should be avoided, and women may have trouble later in pregnancy with moves requiringan arched back or powerful explosions of muscular energy.

In addition to swimming, women can also liftweights in the pool and perform stretches.

One important safety precaution for swimmingwhen pregnant is to always warm up first.

Women should ease into the pool and do somegentle stretches to open up their muscles and get comfortable in the water.

Gentle laps can help women get ready for morevigorous aquatic exercise.

After a pool workout, it's also necessaryto cool down to prevent muscle soreness and tension.

After swimming, women should not enter a sauna,steam room, or hot tub, even if they are accustomed to doing so after a workout.

Research suggests that hot environments canbe potentially harmful for a pregnancy.

If women are concerned about chills afterswimming when pregnant, a thick insulating robe can be kept by the pool to warm up withafter getting out of the water.

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Having a Healthy and Safe Pregnancy | Kaiser Permanente

(upbeat music) >>Fonda Mitchell, MD OB/GYN- The most critical aspect of a pregnancy is within that first 13 weeks.

So that's when the fetus is developing.

What we would recommend to you is to avoid chemicals,medications, dietary supplements that could be potentiallyharmful during that aspect.

>>Stella Dantas, MD OB/GYN- As far as caffeine goes in pregnancy, our recommendation is 200milligrams of caffeine a day.

Many different brandshave differing amounts of caffeine in a "cup" of coffee.

So I recommend women be familiarwhat brand they're drinking and how much caffeine's in one cup, and then limit it to 200 milligrams a day.

>>Kevin Overbeck, MD OB/GYN- Anything more than that and you run a higher risk of problems.

>>Fonda Mitchell, MD OB/GYN- You want to be mindful that there are risks that are associatedwith consumption of alcohol and tobacco, so the goalis to always avoid those.

>>Kathy Wood, MD OB/GYN- You should also avoidexcessive gardening and things like that if youhave a cat or neighborhood cats, because there is a risk of toxoplasmosis if your cat has that.

So if you're a healthy person,keep up your good habits, exercise, healthy diet are all things that will help promote a healthy pregnancy.

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