Third Trimester Pregnancy Exercises | Posture Saviours | Secret Saviours


I’m Natasha and our third trimestermodel here is Ebony.

We’re going to do one of my favourite exercises.

These are Posture Saviours and they’re allabout working your back muscles, which might notseem that important in pregnancy but as your boobsget bigger and the weight starts pulling forward, itcan really give you bad back ache, a tight neck and tight shoulders.

Then, going through your pregnancy, as youstart breastfeeding and holding your baby, it’s just more andmore weight pulling forwards.

So it’s really importantto have a strong back and this exercise is fantastic for that.

And I’ve just added in a little twist toturn it into a core exercise, so you’re getting those tummies really working and your bottom at the same time.

So, just to start with, I want you to putyour hands straight out to the side and then twist your hands to theback and twist them back.

Go on then, Ebony.

That’s lovely.

I want you to think about keeping your shouldersquite down, so you’re a really straight line and I reallywant you to feel that really nice lengthening across your chest, because that’s where it gets really tight.

Then, as you do the exercises, Ebony’s armsare really far back and she’s really using those back musclesthere.

Now, does that feel quite easy? Ok.

So, if you wanted to make this a bit harder, you don’t have to.

This is working fantasticallyfine just as it is.

You could add on some waterbottles.

You don’t really want to be adding on heavyweights.

This is a really small muscle at the back.

And so even with water bottles or cans ofbeans in your cupboard, you can really feel the difference.

So, Ebony, lift this one up just a littlebit.

That’s perfect.

So, you’re really trying to feel that straightline across your shoulders.

Now, to turn this into a tummy exercise, justcome and lift one leg up.

So, keep doing the same thing and lift oneleg up.

Now, by lifting one leg up, it’s reallymaking you pull your tummy in.

Ebony’s not wobbling at all here, whichmeans your core’s fantastically strong.

You’re doing really well.

Just keep thosearms up a little bit.

And so this has become a total great fullbody exercise where you’re working your tummy, your legsand your back muscles and it’s not putting any strain on yourskin.

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Third Trimester Pregnancy Exercises | Secret Cats And Saviour Cats | Secret Saviours


I’m Natasha and this is our third trimestermodel Ebony and we’re going to show you some SecretCats And Saviour Cows.

This exercise is fantastic for your pelvicfloor, your core muscles and if you’re sufferingfrom lower back pain, it’s fantastic for easing that, becauseit’s loosening up your lower spine.

So, Ebony, I want you to get on to all foursfor me.

That’s lovely.

And I want you to think abouthaving your legs hip width apart and your hands directly underneathyour shoulders.

So, I want you to start breathing in and Iwant you to pull your belly button right up into your spine and it’s almostlike your bump’s disappearing, that it completely disappears.

That’s where you’re getting that realstrength in your core muscles.

And then, as you breathe out, Ebony, I wantyou to push down and really see how much of an arch you canget in your lower back and just let that bump really relax out.

And Ebony’s head’s looking up, which isfantastic.

If you can do that again for me.


So dropping your head down, you getthat fantastic rainbow shape and that baby bump almost disappears as youcome up and then as you breathe out, you’re lookingup.

Now, this is a really good one, because youcan get lots of lower back pain when you’re pregnant just as that weight’spulling forward on your spine.

So this is a really fantastic one for stretchingout all of those vertebrae here to stop you from getting lower back pain.

And also, if you think about squeezing your bottom as you come up – justone more, Ebony – it’s also working all of your pelvic floorand those lower ab exercises, which you’re really going to need as you’regiving birth.

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Third Trimester Pregnancy Exercises | Secret Four Point Kneeling | Secret Saviours


I’m Natasha and this is Ebony and she’sin her third trimester and we’re going to show you some SecretFour Point Kneeling.

This exercise is fantastic for strengtheningyour pelvic floor and your lower abdominal muscles.


So, Ebony, if you can get in to all foursfor me.

And I want your knees and feet about hip widthapart and your hands directly underneath your shoulders.

So, before you go anywhere, I want you toreally pull your belly button up into your spine and so youshould feel like you’re a really straight line from yourshoulders to your hips.

Now, I want you to make sure you keep breathing– that’s really important – and then liftup this leg for me.

So I want you to have one leg really straightbehind you and what I’m looking for is that your hipsare really square because that’s making you really squeezeyour bottom muscle that’s really helping strengthen your pelvicfloor and your lower abdominal muscles.

And then, Ebony, if you can, straighten youropposite arm to your leg and then you should feel like you’re a reallynice stretched diagonal line from your hand and to your foot.

If you couldjust lift your leg up a little bit and I’m just going to squareoff your shoulders.

You’d need to hold this for about 10 to15 seconds, really thinking about pulling your belly buttonin to your spine and just keep breathing.

It’s really important that you’re breathinginto your bump as you’re controlling those core musclesas you’re pulling in.


Ebony, if you want to switch overto the other side for me.

So, get really square before you do the otherside and then lift up one leg, thinking about those hips not tilting andthen lift up your opposite arm and feel that really nice lengthening fromyour hand to your toe.

And if you could just lift that hand up alittle bit this time.

That’s a perfect line and diagonal here.

And then you’ve just got to think about your breathing and pulling that belly buttonin to your spine.

This is a fantastic exercise that’s reallyeffective on working those core muscles you’re going to need for giving birth andyour pelvic floor muscles and it’s not putting any strain on yourskin.

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Third Trimester Pregnancy Exercises | Secret Push Ups | Secret Saviours


I’m Natasha and this is our third trimestermodel Natasha and we’re going to show you Secret PushUps.

This is quite a hard exercise but it’s sogood because it’s working your arms, it’s working your core muscles and it’sreally helping loosen up your chest.

So, Natasha, I’m going to get you to comeon to the corner of the couch here.

I want your hands a wide shoulder width andI want you to make sure the weight of your shoulders is right overyour hands.

Now, step back in to Plank for me.

Natasha is in such a nice straight line fromher head to her heels.

And I just want you to bend your elbows andbring your chest all the way down to the sofa and pushing it up again.

That’s absolutely fantastic.

I just want you to really think about pullingyour belly in to your spine, because that’s where you’re getting allthat great core work in.

Now, if you wanted to make this harder andreally challenge your balance, you could lift your foot up.


And coming up again.

If you canjust do me one more of those.

But if this is quite hard, it’s quite achallenging exercise, you could make it easier by using a highersurface.

So you could use a surface in your kitchen,you could use the sink, or you could use the top of your couch here.

And that makes it easier.

But that’s a really good exercise that’sworking your whole body, that you could do anywhere and it’s not putting any strain on yourskin.

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Third Trimester Pregnancy Exercises | Secret Calf Raises | Secret Saviours


I’m Natasha and this is our model Natashawho’s in her third trimester and we’re going to show you some SaviourCalf Raises.

Now, these exercises are saviours becausethey feel fantastic on your neck and shoulders and are really good for strengthening yourback, because your chest can get really tight the more pregnant you can get, because everythingpulls you forward with the weight of your boobs getting heavier.

And this exercise should feel fantastic asit loosens up all of that shoulder joint.

So, Natasha, I want you to bring your armsstraight up forward here, then bring them straight to the side and thensqueeze everything together at the back.

So, if you can do that again for me.

Bringyour arms straight up the front, just thinking about keeping your shouldersdown and come wide to the side for me and squeeze your hands at the back.

Now, if you can just turn around for me anddo the exercise one more time.

The whole point of this exercise is it’sall about strengthening the posterior deltoid muscle.

So, if you can hold it there, it should feellike you could squeeze someone’s finger between your shoulder blades.

That’s fantastic.

Do it one more time.

And you can really feel those muscles workinghere and they’re your posture muscles that getreally stretched out in pregnancy.

Good! And come and turn back.

Now, just to make it a little bit more complicatedand so you’re using your legs and your core muscles as well, Iwant you to add on a Calf Raise.

So, this time, I want you to come up on toyour toes as your arms come up, stretch to the side and then squeeze yourshoulders to the back.

So, Natasha, you show me.

You’re coming up to the side and arms cometo the side and squeezing your shoulders together as youcome up and you keep going.

So, as you balance, this is really workingyour core muscles and all those muscles that you need for deliveringyour baby and giving birth.

Now, as if this isn’t hard enough, if youwanted to make this a little bit harder, you could have water bottles – keep themnice and parallel for me – and you could do this exercise using waterbottles, as Natasha’s demonstrating now.

It just adds a bit more weight to the exercise,challenges your balance a little bit more and so you’re just getting a bit more ofa workout but without damaging your skin.

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Third Trimester Pregnancy Exercises | Secret Spiderman Plank | Secret Saviours


I’m Natasha and our third trimestermodel Ebony is going to show you how to do a Secret Spiderman Plank.

Now, this exercise is fantastic for tighteningall of your core muscles and your bottom, but it doesn’t put anystresses or strain on your skin.

So, I want you to start by turning aroundand you’re going to put your elbows on the chair.

You’ve got to make sure that your chairfeels quite stable.

You can push it up against a wall if you’reworried about it wobbling.

So, I just want you to step back, Ebony, sothat you’re in a straight line from your head to your toes.

I really want you to think about your bottomcoming down a little bit and your head needs to be in line, so there’sno strain on it.

So you’re a straight line from your headto your toes.

Now, Ebony’s arms are fantastic here.

She’sreally holding herself at a 90 degree angle.

That’s absolutely perfect.

And I want you to really think about pullingyour tummy in to your spine.

Now, if this feels hard enough, this is aPlank.

It’s a fantastic exercise.

But because you’re so fit, Ebony, I thinkyou can make it a bit harder and I want you to be Spiderman climbing upa wall.

So I want you to bend that knee up to theside – that’s fantastic – and bring it back to the Plank.

Now here – keep going – as your bump getsbigger, your hips can get really tight as you start walking forwards.

So you’realso getting a really nice loosening exercise for your hips.

It’s working right here in your obliquesand each time you come back, if you really think about going back in tothat Plank, everything’s being really tight and toned and so you’re getting a great all-over bodyworkout with this exercise.

You’re using your arms, you’re using allof your core muscles and you’re getting a loosening of the hips and it’s not putting any strain on yourskin at the same time.

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Third Trimester Pregnancy Exercises | Secret Saviour Climbers | Secret Saviours


I’m Natasha and this is our lovely modelNatasha who’s in her third trimester and we’re going to show you how to do someSecret Saviour Climbers.

This exercise is fantastic for working yourwhole body.

It’s strengthening your arms, it’s strengtheningyour tummy and your bottom and you’ll get some leg work in there aswell but it just doesn’t put any strain on yourskin at all.

So, Natasha, I want you to flip over and havestraight arms holding on to your chair.

Now, before you go anywhere, I want you toreally think, “Are my shoulders straight over my hands?”Because if they’re too far forward, it can put quite a lot of strain on your neck.

So, you’re perfect.

So come and step in to a Straight Arm Plankfor me.

Great! And then really think about pullingyour belly button in to your spine, tucking your hips forward and squeezing yourbottom a little bit.

Now, this is quite hard in itself and if youfeel like you’re getting enough of a workout, you could just hold this for 10 to 30 seconds.

And this is already working your arms, yourtummy, your bum and all of your legs.

But because Natasha’s super fit, we’regoing to make it harder.

I want you to bring one knee up to the chair– good – and then step it back again in to a Plank.

Now, as you can see, Natasha’s not movinganything and it’s like it’s just the knee and thehip moving and that’s where you’re doing all thework on these lovely core muscles, which you’re going to need for deliveringyour baby.

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Third Trimester Pregnancy Exercises | Secret Chair Squats | Secret Saviours


I’m Natasha and this is our lovely modelNatasha who’s in her third trimester and we’re going to show you how to do someSecret Chair Squats.

So, I want you to come and sit right on theedge of your chair and really think about pulling your tummyin and sitting up really nice and tall.

Now, your legs are perfect – your knees areright in line with your toes and they should be about hip width apart.

Now, I want you to take your hands completelyout of the picture and put them on your shoulders and I justwant you to come and stand up.

Now this is the bit: I want you just to sitback down again.

Be quite brave – no one’s moved the chair – and just useyour bottom and sit back down.

That’s fantastic.

And come back up again.

So, Natasha’s timing’s absolutely perfect– she’s really nice and smooth, she’s controlling going up and down.

And this exercise is working all of your legs,it’s working your bottom and it’s working your tummy and you reallycan do it anywhere on any chair.

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Jessy naidu’s Joy of pregnancy classes

1st Prenatal yoga school for pregnant women in India.

Every pregnant who joined in this school are really blessed and feels very happy.

Spiritual chantings to create the strong base for the baby in the baby in the womb pregnant women just love her way of teachings.

She is mastered in her own way of teaching breathing techniques Sheethali to beat the heat inside.

And cooing the body Strecthing.

Prepares the body to relax the musles and experience the safe and healthy delivery She is the Grandmaster in prenatal yoga She is the Great inspiration in many pregnant women's life.

Keggels stops the irritations in leakages Partners guidance is the main key role in pregnant women's delivery and squattings Relaxing all the muscles in the body and gives a complete relaxiation with massage tools Activites in the class chanalises the mood swings of the mother during pregnancy She is the 1 st person who started her exclusive prenatal yoga meditation sessions in India since year 2000 Her name itself has become a Big brand for pregnancy classes.

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How To Treat Allergies During Pregnancy

In this video, we're gonna talk about howto treat allergies while pregnant.

Comparing my experiences from my first pregnancyto my fourth are.

they don't even compare.

Because I made so many nutritional changesbetween that time with my first and my last, it.

the allergy experience is totally different.

Pretty much not even there with my fourth pregnancy, so eating life food and.

andputting that nutrition in your body can help you heal allergies by creating a.

a cleanenvironment in your body and being aware of what you're putting in your body.

So, the nutrition is a huge part of preventingand healing.

When you're thinking what you're going to eat, what you're going to put inyour body, it's really important to look at labels.

So if you are eating anything froma box or a package, be really careful.

Make sure you're eating things that don't havea huge list of ingredients.

Make sure there's a few ingredients in that they're whole.

Wholesome food.

And also, listen to your body.

Listen to thatintuition that you have.

You'll know what's good for you and what isn't.

So it's importantto.

to listen and then to act on it.

A lot of times we have those feelings "You shouldn'teat this.

", but we eat it anyway.

Listen to your intuition.

Remember you're building ababy and you want to.

to create that environment within you to be healthy and.

and to beable to be free of these allergies.

Because allergies is a toxic state, we wannadecongest and eat the lifefood that has natural cleaning agents within it.

So as you consumegood food and drink lots of water and move your body, you'll be able to release thatcongestion that's in your body and heal from a congested state.

Allergies is either a combination of two thingsor one of the other.

And it's a toxic state or overaction of your immune system.

And sometimesduring a pregnancy, it can cause an overaction in immune system, so there are herbs and plant-basedsupplements that you can take that will calm your immune system down.


and then cleaningout the toxins will also calm that down.

There's inflammation and irritation, so be aware ofhow you're feeling, where your stress levels are, or what you're putting in your body andseek out supplements and plant-based.

those herbs that you can take that can calm an overactiveimmune system.

So when you're trying to heal from allergieswhen you're pregnant and staying safe would be doing fresh juice.

This helps with inflammation.

It helps clear out whatever is congested and causing the congestion with your allergies.

And so we have a fews things in here.

Thisis ginger and this is a big piece of ginger.

You might want to.

you don't know if youlike ginger or you haven't tried it yet, you probably wanna do just a.

a smaller pieceof this.

But ginger's a good one for nausea so it's a good thing to use if you're experiencingnausea.

And also we have celery in here and my baseis always carrots.

Carrots is SO good for you.

And we have some apples and some orangesto sweeten it up and.

and make it so that it's actually delicious to drink but reallyreally good for you.

And I'll show you how easy it is to juice this.

Okay, I wish you were here to smell, thatginger smells SO good.

And I promise, it tastes just as good as it smells.

So we've got carrots,oranges, apples, celery, and ginger in here and you can see how beautiful that color is.

This is so nutrient-packed.

Think about that pile that I had here.

There'sno way you could eat that in one sitting, but as you drink this, it tastes delicious.

It's so good for you and definitely has been helpful for many people on clearing allergieswhile you're pregnant.

Keeping the bowel regular is extremely importantwhile treating allergies while you're pregnant.


again, it goes back to a clean environmentwithin so you can absorb nutrients and it.

it gets rid of the inflammation, it helpsyou prevent congestion, and you'll be able to heal.

There are many yoga videos for pregnancy.

So, you can google and look for yoga, and you can really modify any kind of yoga routine.

It's just stretching and moving, and this is a really good way to again, clean the environmentwithin so that you can prevent or heal allergies while you're pregnant in a natural way.

Putting in the right food is just as importantas drinking plenty of water.

So giving your body what it needs so that you can eliminateany congestion that may come up and build a strong immune system.

Two supplements that are very helpful forcalming the immune system down which is what allergies can be is astragula and marsmallowroot.

And you can get these at any most wholefoods store.

You can get them in combination oftentimesin a capsule.

This will help calm the immune system down but there's no side effects becauseit's just plants from the earth.

Hopefully this video came as a relief thatyou can take care of yourself NATURALLY while pregnant.

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