how to get pregnant

Best Ways On How To Get Pregnant Fast and Easy

Women, who are ready to start a family, do not wish to wait, but fast and easy is not always on your biological calendar. There are ways on how to conceive quickly, but keep in mind that Mother Nature also has a hand in timing.

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Valuable Tips to Get Pregnant Fast:

  • A preconception checkup to ensure no underlying medical problems, as well as prenatal vitamins from your doctor, is your first priority.
  • Understand your menstrual cycle to establish exactly when is your ovulation period as this is the best time getting pregnant fast and focus on having intercourse.
  • Laying low straight after intercourse may seem a bit drastic, but also probably, something you heard before. You do not actually have to lie down with your feet in the air, but laying flat for 10 – 15 minutes, without going to the bathroom ensures that sperm going to the cervix find its way there safely.
  • There are no specific positions that ensure pregnancy and missionary position as many claims is not necessarily true. However, it is a matter of gravity and semen can run out of you during intercourse while standing or sitting.
  • It is not an old woman’s tale when you hear someone saying, “Relax, it will happen.” It is a fact that relaxing atmosphere and reduced stress level increases your chances.
  • Do not overdo it, as a number of times you have sex will not increase your pregnancy chances. The best advice is to have intercourse every other night during ovulation and research proved that, in this case, less is more and your chances are increased with less sex.
  • Do not spend too much time in a Jacuzzi or hot tub and avoid the wearing of tight-fitting clothing especially your partner as it negatively affects sperm count.
  • A healthy lifestyle is not only beneficial, but a necessity especially in this regard. Hardcore exercises must cut down on the strenuous regime about two weeks before trying for a baby as too much exercise cause some women to stop ovulating. Without saying, you should take care to follow a healthy eating plan, no alcohol consumption and no smoking.

Many women looking at ways to get pregnant do not fancy the idea of keeping track of ovulation dates and pinpointing the exact times and days to have intercourse. Experts do agree that it often puts a damper on the situation as a whole.

Men often find it intimidating and struggle to perform when told to do IT right now! The best advice in this regard is to follow the above tips and have sex on a regular basis at all times.