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Symptoms of pregnancy after pregnancy some symptoms are observed in women with which pregnancy can be diagnosed easily but there are some women who don't feel that they are pregnant for long time or you can say some symptoms are not observed or they are unaware of it today we will explain the symptoms of pregnancy first symptom when regular menstrual cycle stops but this symptom is not 100% reliable because there are various reasons that might stop getting period nausea in first three months and omitting is normal but in this condition if your menstrual cycle is stopped and you are suffering from nausea then you have to consult the doctor and get the medical examined after the formation of foetus the stomach gets bigger from 4 th month onwards and the breast size also increases after pressing liquid like milk comes out milk coming out from the breast is a clear symptom one more change you can observe is darkening of nipples and facial glow after the fourth month of pregnancy the foetus movement starts woman can feel the movement of the child till then you are medical examination is done and you are able to see the sonogram of the child if your stomach is getting bigger and there are no any other symptoms of pregnancy then it can be false pregnancy stay alert and get medical examined regularly Diet and Care in pregnancy feed 2 oranges to pregnant woman in the afternoon till pregnancy period so the child will born fairer by eating coconut and rock sugar there will no pain during delivery and the child will also born healthy in pregnancy women have the deficiency of blood so they should eat the food which can fulfil the deficiency milk mixed with honey should be given to pregnant women the child will born healthy mix half glass carrot juice with half glass milk and honey as per taste can be given to pregnant woman so there will be no weakness during pregnancy a pregnant woman should stay away from papaya and pineapple because there are chances of miscarriage stay away from high mercury containing sea food don't drink coffee during first 3 months it can cause miscarriage eat well balanced diet and do light exercise and enjoy the happiness of becoming mother this special video ends here subscribe our channel for home remedies don't forget to share with family friends.

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